If You Are Planning For Tour Then You Have To Remember Some Basic Things For A Better Tour. Some Times We Forgot Some Basics Of Travel Planning And This Will Make Us Discomfort During Travel. According To Me. There Is 51 Basic Travel Tips Which Will Help You If You Are Planning For Travelling-

50+ Travel Tips

1. You Have To Plan Your Destination First On Your Interest Bases Like Hill Stations, Historical Places. Sea Beaches, Spiritual Places, Etc. If You Have A Destination Then You Can Plan Your Trip Much Better Accordingly.
2. For Any Tour You Need Some Basic Budget Which Is Very Important. For Deciding Your Budget Our Next Tips Will Help You More.
3. Keep Yourself Cool, Calm And Patience. Patience Is Must Before Travel Planning And During Travelling Because You Cannot Decide Earlier That Travelling Will Make You Happy.
4. Before Starting Any Travel Planning You Have To Get Information About Your Travel Destination Like Location, Weather, Language, Local Food, Etc.
5. Get Information About Convenience For Travelling By Which You Will Travel To Destination. Book Your Tickets Of Flight, Buses And Trains Earlier To Avoid Trouble. If You Are Planning With Your Personal Vehicle Then You Should Have To Ensure Status Of Vehicle Is Good Or Not. Documents Of Vehicle Should Be Completed And Driver Have To Carry His Driving Licence With Him Always.
6. You Have To Get Information About Hotels/Resorts/Rooms For Stay And Book Your Accommodation According To Your Budget For At Least A Couple Of Days.
7. If You Are Planning To Travel With Public Vehicle To Your Destination Then Get Information About Local Transport For Site Seeing And Local Roaming. If Possible Then Book That Too Earlier To Avoid Inconvenience
8. Weather Conditions Is Also An Important Point To Remember Before Planning Your Destination For Bag Pack. So Get Information About Weather Conditions.
9. Always Get Information About Social Connectivity Status Of Destination Like Mobile, Telephone, Internet, Etc To Connect With Your Well Wishers.
10. Before Travelling You Should Have To Know What Are The Places To Visit At That Destination, So That You Can Plan You Travelling Accordingly. So Get Information About Places To Visit At Destination.
11. Always Get Information About Things To Do At Particular Destination So That You Can Enjoy More.
12. Ensure Food And Food Availability According To You At The Destination You Decide Either You Are Vegetarian Or Non Vegetarian.
13. If You Are Planning To Travel Abroad, Get Information About Currency Exchange For Local Shopping And Travelling.
14. Confirm Your Passport And Visa Status Before Traveling.
15. Learn Swimming If Travel Destination Is Coastal Or Any River Is There To Swim. For Emergency Purpose You Have To Learn Swimming.
16. Learn Driving. If There Is Availability Of Vehicles On Rent Somewhere Then It Will Help You A Lot.
17. You Have To Learn Some House Jobs For Emergency Like Laundry Work Because We Suggest To Pack Less.
18. Get Appropriate Travel Insurance Before Starting Journey.
19. Make Photocopies Of All Your Important Documents.
20. Always Make List Of All Essentials Which You Need In Journey.
21. Learn Basic Of Local Language Like Good Morning, Good Night, Hello, Thank You, Where Is This Place?, Etc. 
22. Get Information Of ATM Location For Money Transaction.
23. Pack Your Bag For Tour.
24. Choose Comfortable Bag Which You Can Carry Easily.
25. Try To Pack Light. Not More Than 20 To 22 Kg For 7 To 10 Day Trip.
26. Pack Comfortable And Needful Cloths. Never Pack Excess Cloths.
27. Confirm Map Of Destination In Your Bag.
28. Camera Should Be Part Of Your Bag For Clicking Pics. Always Try To Capture Lot Of Pics.
29. Mobile Will Connect To You With Your Well Wishers During Journey. Always Update Your Location And Travel Plan With Them.
30. Ensure That Mobile And Camera Chargers Are In Your Bag. Never Forgot Them.
31. Always Carry A Travel Charger Along With Chargers To Charge You Equipment In Emergency.
32. Music Is Best Companion Of A Traveler It Will Refresh You During Journey So Always Carry An Music Gadget Like I-Pod Etc.
33. Always Carry A Good Quality Head Gears.
34. I Suggest To Drink Packed Bottle Water But For Emergency Always Carry Water Bottle With Water Purifier.
35. Slippers Must Be In Your Bag.
36. Carry Plastic Bags For Dirty Cloth And Shoes.
37.Carry Emergency Medical Kit Having Life Saving Drugs Like Antibiotics, Painkillers, Antioxidants, Bandages, Savlon, Betadine, Cotton Etc.
38. Carry Identity Proofs During Journey.
39. Pack Personal Belongings Like Inner Wears, Eye Gears, Suns Cream, Cap/Hat, Toothbrush And Tooth Paste, Soap And Shampoo, Razor For Men, Etc.
40. Pack Extra Inner Wears Always.
41. Pack Some Reserve Food Like Biscuits, Chocolates, Wafers/Chips Etc.
42. Stop Hurrying.
43. Escape Crowded Areas.
44. Always Stash Extra Cash.
45. Stay Connected With Your Friends And Well Wishers Threw Mobile Or Internet. Always Update Your Current Location At Social Networking Sites.
46. Always Keep Yourself Fit.
47. If You Have A Partner Then Keep Your Personal Belongings Separate.
48. Keep Your Money Source Like Credit Cards, ATM Cards Separate.
49. Alert Your Bank Before Leaving For Emergency Assistance.
50. You Have To Be Little Bit Choosy To Eat. Always Eat Hygienic And Well Cooked Food.
51. Stay Hydrated. Drink Water As Much You Can.
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