The Festival Holi Is Considered To Be As Good Triumphing Over Evil. It Is The Festival which Denotes The Festival Of Love. It Is A Day When People Even Don't Mind Getting Dirty As For A Day It Is A Beautiful Way To Mark The End Of Indian Winter. It Is The Festival Celebrated In Which The Story Of Love And Dedication Is Depicted . Here Are Few Places Where Holi Festival Is Celebrated In Different Style.
Holi Celebration


· Holi Festival In Goa-

Here The Festival Holi Is Called As Shigmo And Is Celebrated With Bands, Great Parades And Holi Night Time Musical Fare. If You Have Been Tired With Your Messy Lifestyle Then You Need To Escape The Maddening Crowds And Lie Sprawled On A Desert Island Style Beach For Your Trip And Enjoy Life To The Fullest.

· Holi Festival In Delhi-

As The Capital Of India Delhi Spares No Expense When It Comes On The Name Of Celebrating Holi. On The Eve Of Of Holi, Holika Are Lit Everywhere And Huge Bonfire Found All Around. The Course Of The Obligatory Water And Colored Chalk Throwing Taking Place Whole Day On Holi.

· Holi Festival In Uttar Pradesh-

Holi In Uttar Pradesh Is Celebrated Very Nicely And Seriously Specially In Mathura Where Lord Krishna Was Worn. The Celebration Of Paint Splattering Last Up to 15 Days Days Over Here.

· Holi Festival In Rajasthan-

The Bhil Tribe Of Rajasthan In North West India Is Tend To Celebrate Holi In A Very Traditional Style. Here The Bonfire Is Lit A Day Before Holi And Youngster In Tribes Are Allowed To Form Companionship Which May Lead To Future Marriage.

· Holi Festival In Barsana-

Indian Men Don't Always Rule The Roost. The Woman Of Barsana Village Beat Men From Nandgaon And Neighbor Village Who Spill Colors Over Them. The Women Beat Them With Sticks And Though Holi Over Is Famous Over Here By The Name Of 'Lathmar Holi'.


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