All Knows India Has Diversity In All Aspects Either It Is In Language Or In Culture. Some Of Indian Festival Are Celebrated All Over India In A Single Color And Manner But There Are Some Festivals Which Are Regional In Celebrating Manager And In Name But The Date And Timings Are Same. Ugadi Is One Of Them It Is Celebrated In Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. This Is The Celebration Of New Year According To Indian (Lunisolar) Calendar. Others Celebrate This Day In Different Form And With Different Name. In Other Regions Of India It Is Celebrated By The Name Of Gudi Padwa In Maharashtra And Goa Region, Chaitra Navratri Starts This Day, Cheti Chand In Gujarat By Sindhis.
Decorated Market On New Year

Famous Ugadi

Ugadi Or Yugadi Or Panchangasravanam Name Is Derived From Yuga And Adi, Yuga Means Age And Adi Means Starting, Means Starting Of New Age. People Believe That Lord Brahma Created The Universe On This Day And From This Day Chaitra Navami Or Vasanta Navratri Starts. In Ancient Time Great Mathematician Bhashkaracharya Calculate This Date In 12th Century That From The Sunrise Of Ugadi Day As New Year, New Month And New Day.
People Clean Their Homes And Decorates Them With Light And Rangolis. People Decorate Their Houses With Mango Leaves And Flowers Stung In A Rope In Front Of The Door. New Clothes Are Bought And New Gifts And Households Also Bought. Ladies Prepare Sweets And Snacks For This Grand Occasion. Ugadi Pachadi Or Bevu Bella Is The Main Dish Which Is Prepared In All Homes And Everyone Needs To Eat. This Dish Has Both Bitter And Sweet Taste Which Signifies Both Bitter And Joyous Experiences Of Life. Rangolis Are Full Of Colors And Made In Front Of Main Gates By Using Of Different Types Of Colored Powders Because Every Gate Is Considered As Lucky.
On This Day People Take Bath And Wear New Clothes In Morning And Also Decorates Gods Stance And New Clothes Put On Them. Elder Members Of Family Perform Worship With Flowers And Other Materials. People Meet Each Other And And Enjoy This Festival With Enthusiasm.


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