Holi Is One Of The Auspicious Festival Celebrated In India With Joy And Excitement. The Season Of Spring Is The Time When Whole Of The India Gets Colored. The Fragrance Of Flowers And Sweets Get Spilled All Over The Atmosphere. The Spectacular Essence Of This Festival Attracts People From All Over The World. Barsana In Uttar Pradesh Is Famous For The Special Kind Of Holi Which Is Called As "Lathmar Holi".

Lathmar Holi In Barsana

It Is With Much Fun Fare Having A Traditional Feeling. In The Village Of Barsana The Real Festival Is Celebrated Where Women Beat Men Who Came From The Other Village Nandgaon, The Birth Place Of Lord Krishna . It Has Deep Story Where It Is Said That Lord Krishna With His Friends Use To Go To Barsana Where Radha And Gopis Use To Play Holi. When Lord Krishna And His Friends Use To Put Color On Them The Gopis Use To Beat Them With "Lath". In Order To Protect Them By Wearing Huge Turbans On There Head And Round Iron Shield. This Festival Start A Week Before With 'Laddu Holi', In Which Devotees And Priests At The Famous Barsana Temple Threw Sweets On Each Other . If You Haven't Experienced Such Magic And Craze Of Holi , You May Book Your Visit To Barsana For Celebrating Holi.
Lathmar Holi


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  1. Holi is indeed an auspicious festival. Vrindavanholi, Lathmaar Holi & Brij Holi 2020 are my go-to revelries for an exciting Holi with my buddies.