Holi Is A Festival Of Joy And Prosperity In India. This Festival Is Celebrating In Between Peoples Beyond Love, Hate, Dearness, Hatred, Devotion, Dislike, Adoration, Scunner, Endearment, Disrelish, Amor, Odium, Caress, Scorn, Affection So There Is No Boundation Of Unknowingly During Celebration. Anyone Can Play With Anyone Either They Know Each Other Or Not And You Can Not Deny To Play Holi With Them. In Some Remote Areas Holi Is Played Very Properly For 2 To 3 Weeks So You Also Have To Take Some Precaution During Travel In India On Holi Festival. Here We Are Trying To Help You. You Can Follow These Precautions And Avoid Unfavorable

Holi Celebration

Precautions On Holi During Travel In India

  • When You Travelling In Car Always Keep The Windows Of Car Thoroughly Closed. On Roads Never Try To Bump Into The Frenzied Group Of Mob. It Will Be Better That You Cross The Road And Simply Stay At The Safe Distance.
  • Put On Your Inoperable Clothes So That You Won't Have To Take Any Bother Of Washing Clothes.
  • During Travel Make Sure That Your Face Is Well Greasy.
  • Keep Your Hairs Oily, So That Your Hairs Can Be Washed Off Easily Later.
  • Always Wear Cap Or Hats To Protect Hairs From Colors.
  • Keep Your Nails Of Both In Fingers And Toes Well Painted Or Oiled.
  • Wear Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes From Colors.
  • Make Sure That Any Form Of Color Or Gulal Does Not Get Inside Your Mouth Or Eyes. This Can Harm You. Eyes Are Highly Sensitive Organs So Try To Protect Them On Any Unwanted Attack Of Color.
  • Do Not Rub Your Face Again And Again With Soap. Use Fine Quality Cleansing Milk To Avoid Dryness.
  • Keep Some Emergency Medicines With You Like Pain Killers, Anti-allergics, Anti Oxidants.
  • If You Are Prone To Skin And Eye Allergies, Contact Dermatologist And Ophthalmologist Immediately.
  • Do Not Drive If You Are High On Alcohol or Bhang.
  • At Last You Have 24 Hour Police On Your Side. In Any Emergency Of Misbehave Or Something Unhappening Condition You Make Complaint.


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