During The Mind Smashing And Treating Hot Summer The Coolest Place To Chill On Is The Water Park. The Best Place For Chilling Out And Amusement, Where Kids Youngsters And Adults Come To Soothen Their Mind And Body Is Water Park. Summer Weekends Can Be Hackneyed, Spending The Afternoon In Malls, Movies And Coffee Shops. But The Basic Idea Of Enjoying The Heart Of Summer And Under The Sun, While Chilling Your Body Is Visiting A Water Park. The Best Idea Where The Splish Splash And The Thrills Of Water Rides Can Be Explored In Water Park. There Are Many Water Parks All Over India But Here Below We Will Introduce You With The Most Innovative And The Charmest Water Parks In India, Where One Can Enjoy All Pleasures To Its Fullest.

10 Best Water Parks Of India 

  1. Water Kingdom(Essel World)- Which Is In Mumbai Is The Oldest Water Park Of India. It Is One Of The Biggest Water Park In Asia.
  2. Adlabs Aquamagica- In Mumbai It Is A Part Of Adlabs Imagica Theme Park.
  3. Oysters In Gurugram- The Second Appu Ghar In NCR Region.
  4. Fun And Food Village In Delhi- It Is Managed By Polo Group Of Companies.
  5. Wonderela In Banglore- Famous For Bath Drip And Wet Rides.
  6. Wonderela In Kochi- Famous For XD Max And Hi-Tech Thriller Ride.
  7. GRS Fantasy Park In Mysore- Famous For 5D Virtual Ride.
  8. Ocean Park In Hyderabad- Famous For Ocean Park.
  9. Dream World Water Park In Thissur Water Park In Kerala- Famous For Tourist Spot.
  10. MGM Dizzee World In Chennai- Famous For The Group Attributed To The Jurong Bird Show Of Singapore.


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