A Nesting And Variety Of Birds Site For Olive Ridley Sea Turtle In A Sensus Town In Pernem Goa, On The Northern Bank Of The Chapora River Estuary Is Morjhim Beach. The Village Is Very Famous And Is Known As "Little Russia" Due To The Concentration Of Russian Immigrants.
Morjhim Beach

Morjhim Beach, Goa

Morjhim Beach Is The Highest Degree Of Protection Under Indian Law Of Wild Life Protection Act 1972. It Is A Punishable And A Severe Offense In Any Disturbance Is Found In Egg-Poaching Of The Turtles Or Their Habitat Protection Of These Species Is Conserved With The Help Of Local Communities Over There.
Morjhim Beach
Early Large Numbers Of Eggs Were Poached By Fisherman For Different Use But Later The Goa Forest Department Supported The Turtle Conservation. The Monthly Stipend To The Young And Local Volunteers Involved In Turtle Conservation Are Given. Despite Of All These Rules And Regulations The Turtles Can Hardly Be Seen Due To The Urbanization, Light Pollution, Noise Pollution. According To The Recent Studies Morjhim Wildlife Is Doomed And Village Is Towards Its Commercialization And Loosing Its Originality.


  • Morjim, Goa, India.
  • About 1500 Km Areal Distance From Delhi.
  • About 600 Km From Mumbai.

How To Reach-

  • Dabolin International Airport Goa Is An International Airport Of Goa.
  • Other Nearest International Airport Is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai.
  • Regular Trains Are Available.
  • About 625 Km From Mumbai.
  • About 2100 Km From Delhi.
  • Buses Or On Road- Regular Buses Are Available From Mumbai.
  • Distance From Mumbai Is About 600 Km.

Local Language-

  • Konkani, Marathi.
  • Other Languages Are English, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian.

Local Food-

  • Famous For Sea Food, Mainly Fishes, Crabs, Lobsters.

Local Transport-

  • Bus, Taxi.
  • Scooters, Bikes, Cars, Jeeps Etc Are Available To Hire.


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