You All Must Have Heard About Love In Air But You Have Ever Heard About Spreading The Love Through The Means Of A Parade, If Not Then Let Me Tell You That Yes , It Does Exist. The Berlin Love Parade Occurred Firstly In July 1989, When 150 People Took To The Streets In Berlin, With The Initiative Of Matthias Roeingh And His Girlfriend Danielle De Picciotto. Initially It Was To Conceive Political Demonstration For Peace And International Understanding Through Love And Music. It Has Very Beautiful Setup Of The Music Played To The Events Specially Predominant Electronic Dance Music- Mainly Music Styles, Trance, House, Techna And Schranz Music. Earlier Hardcore And Gabber Music Were Part Of The Parade. The Parade Was Seen To Be Louder And More Crowded Than Most Concerts, The Most Interesting Part Is The Water Cooled Sound Systems On Every Truck. The Parade Produced An Extremely Loud Sound Floor. An Event Which Observed Heavy Crowd And Rush Than Any Concert And Is A Very Lively Event Marked In Germany.

Berlin Love Parade, Germany

Location- 👇

  • Saarbrücker Str. 38, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Attraction- 👀

  • Golden Angel, Gay & Lesbian Parades.


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