If Eventually You Are A Music And Dance Lover Then Let Me Tell You That The Biggest Party Is On And Happens Once In The Year In Brazil Named As Rio Carnival. Rio Carnival Is A Very Big And Fascinating, Lightening And A Great Hub Of People Gathering All Over The World. The Very Great And Interesting Part Of The The Carnival Is The Never Ending Samba Music And Dancing By Beautiful Distracting Gorgeous Ladies.
The Carnival Is A Very Interesting Carnival With Street Parties At Each And Every Corner With The Most Fascinating Carnival Parade And The Beautiful Costume Dressed Girls From Different Samba Schools Performing Samba All Night. The Most Glamorous Carnival Was Started First In 1641. The Main Attraction Of The Carnival Earlier Was The Carnival Ball Mainly Polka And Waltz Dancing. The Main Reason As The Attraction Of The Carnival Is Samba Because Earlier African Tribal Were Brought Here As Slaves For Entertainment And From Those Times It Has Been The Most Eminent Part Of The Carnival.

Rio Carnival, Brazil

Location- 👇

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dates Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • February 9 To 14, 2018

Best Attraction- 👀

  • Samba
  • Marchinhas
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Crowd
  • Carnival Costumes
  • Parade, Etc


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