Whenever We Talk About The Glorious History Of India, A Nevertheless Unavoidable And The Most Disturbing Stories Of Struggle For Freedom Against The 100 Years Of British Government Dominance Pass Through Our Mind. The Very Proud Moment And Day Of Every Indian National Is Independence Day On 15th August 1947 By Getting Its Legislative Sovereignty To The Indian Constituent Assembly By The UK Parliament. The Rememberable Independence Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement And Many More Led To The Independence To India. With Its Independence, Partition Of India Coincided and Led To The Division Into Two Countries India And Pakistan.
On This Glorious Day Of Indian History, The First Prime Minister Of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru Hosted The Indian National Flag Above The Lahori Gate Of The Red Fort In New Delhi And From Then Till Now It Is A Nevertheless Stoppable Event On The Same Day. The National Holiday Is Observed Throughout The Country After The Flag Hosting Ceremony, Parades And Cultural Events. This Year India Will Celebrate Its Glorious 70th Year Of Independence Which Has Made Every Indian To Feel Proud Of Its Nation.

Independence Day Of India

Location- 👇

  • India

Dates Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • 15th August

Timings- ⌚

  • Full Day

Best Attraction- 👀

  • Flag Hosting
  • Prime Minister's Speech
  • Parade
  • Cultural Programs
  • Enthusiasm
  • Indian History Revealing Programs
  • Rally


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