Tourism Has Always Worked As A Catalyst For The People Who Love Travelling. Tourism Has Spread The Importance And Immense Benefits Universally And Binding Different Cultures To Each Other. Tourism Has Fostered The Awareness Of The Beautiful And Visitable Places More Easily Accessible To People. Since 1980, The World Tourism Day Is Celebrated On 27th September By United Nations World Tourism Organization. The World Tourism Day Tends To Raise Awareness On The Role Of Tourism Within The International Community And To Represents Its Effect On Social, Cultural, Political And Economic Values Worldwide. The Blue Color Represents The World Tourism Day. It Was Decided By The Organization That Every Year A Host Country Will Be Designated To Promote And Celebrate The World Tourism Day. This Year The Theme Of The World Tourism Day Will Be Celebrated On The Theme Of Sustainable Tourism- A Tool For Development. This Time Qatar Will Be The Host For The Official Celebration Of The World Tourism Day.


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