Theater Had Been One Of The Most Entertaining And Enjoyable Place Ever For Each And Every Section Of Society. From Shakespeare Marathons To The Smallest Theater In The World From The Ancient Times. Theaters Have Their Existence All Over The World. The Theater Celebrates Large Spaces, History And Every Minutes Details Of Entertainment Can Be Found Here. Here Is The List Of 25 Best Theater In The World.

25 Best Theater In The World

  1. Shakespeare Globe Theater
  2. The Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
  3. Balboa Theater, San Diego
  4. BAM Harvey Theater New York
  5. National Noh Theater, Tokyo
  6. Salle Richelieu, Paris
  7. Minack Theater, United Kingdom
  8. State Theater, Sydney
  9. Margravial Opera House, Germany
  10. Teatro Amazonas, Brazil
  11. Palais Theater, Paris
  12. Tampa Theater, Florida
  13. Teatru Manoce, Maita
  14. The Senator,Baltimore
  15. Cinematheque Francaise, France
  16. Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur
  17. Fact,England
  18. The Plaza Theater, Atlanta
  19. Electric Cinema, England
  20. Cine Thisio, Greece
  21. Big Picture, Seattle
  22. Avoca Beach Picture Theater
  23. Colosseum Kino, Norway
  24. Mabel Tainter Center For Arts, Wisconsin
  25. The Elgin And Winter Garden Theater Center, Toronto


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