Hitch Hiking Is One Of The Best And The Cheapest Way For Traveling. A Very Old Traditional Way Depicting The Solicite A Ride By Standing On The Side Of A Road, Facing Towards It And Pulling Up Your Thumb Up Stretching Your Hand High. It Is A Kind Of Sign Or Symbol Which Is A Mark Indicating People On The Road To Give Them A Lift For Their Further Journey Or The Next Stop. It Is A Great Feeling To Get A Ride With Unknown Person After A Long You Had Been Waiting For It. Here Are Some Tips For Hitch Hiking One May Follow For Sure.

10 Tips For Hitch Hiking

  1. If You Find The Driver Suspicious Stay Out Of It.
  2. Keep Your Navigators And Maps For Checking The Way.
  3. Although Hitch Hiking Is A Friendly Behavior Still Try An Avoiding Your Personal Details.
  4. Pick A Spot Were Cars Are Going Slow.
  5. Go Near The Edge Of A City.
  6. Keep A Sign Handy As It May Be A Major Junction Ahead.
  7. Offer To Pay For The Fuel.
  8. Dress Nicely If You Are A Female Traveler.
  9. Trust Your Instincts, If You Find Something Fishy Just Leave The Ride.
  10. Hitch Hiking Is Illegal In Some Countries So Hiking With Caution.


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