Taj Mahal Is Amongst The Seven Wonders Of The World And Has Always Made India Proud Of It. Tajmahal Has Many Facts And Myths Which Has Surfaced Over The Years But The Real History Is More Fascinating. Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Taj Mahal.

Some Interesting Facts About "Taj"

  • Taj Mahal Was Built In The Memory Of Mumtaj Mahal Who Died After 30 Hours Of Labour Pain While Giving Birth To Her 14th Child At The Age Of 40 Years.
  • There Are No Evidences Of Brutal Killing Of The Labourers Who Built Taj Mahal To Avoid Any Other Masterpiece.
  • The Four Minarets Of The Tal Mahal Are Built Lean Slightly So As To Avoid The Case If Any One Would Fall May Fall Away From The Tomb Rather Than Crash Into Central Structure.
  • The Original Garden Was Adorned With Lots Of Roses And Daffodils But During British Rule The Garden Was Converted Into A Landscape Look To Look Alike The Manicured Lawns In London, England.
  • Ustad Ahmad Lahauri, Generally Regarded As The Chief Architect Of The Taj Mahal, Was Not Indian, He Was A Persian From Iran.

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