The Mother Of All The Pooram Festival In Kerala Is The Biggest Festival Arattupuzha Pooram. It Is A Festival Which Is Celebrated Annually. Due To The Sheer Magnitude And Grandeur Arattupuzha Pooram Is One Of The Greatest Festival Being Celebrated In Kerala. The Visitors From Nearby And All Over The World Gathers At The Arattupuzha Village To Celebrate The Grand Festival. The Pinnacle Of Excitement And Devotion During The Seven Days Festival Is Celebrated For Two Days. Before The Festival In The Evening In The Festival They Assemble Capriconed Elephants And Stage Of Percussion Ensembling As The Part Of A Ceremony Called Sasthavinte Melam. The Pancharimelam Of Arattupuzha Sasthavu Is The Largest Assembly Of Percussion Artists In Any Other Night Of Poorams. The Arattupuzha Pooram Is Held In The Arattupuzha Temple In Arattupuzha Of Thissur District Of Kerala. The Pooram Is Very Well Known As Devamala Which Is A Conglomeration Of The Holy Gods, Which Is A Massive Attendance Of Deities From The Neighborhood Shrines And Devotees. The Temple Possess Total Of 23 Deities Of Various Temples From Different Part Of Thrissur District To Attend The Pooram Which Is Considered As The Oldest Temple Festival Having Mesmerizing Scenic Beauty.

"Arattupuzha Pooram"- Mother Of Pooram Festivals

Location- 👇

  • Arattupuzha, Thrissur, Kerala, India

Dates Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • 22 March 2018

Best Attraction- 👀

  • Decorated Elephants
  • Temple Festival
  • Kudamatam
  • Fireworks
  • Panchavadhyam


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