Christmas Is A Festival Which Is Celebrated All Over The Global With A Great Enthusiasm And Joy, Cutting Across The Barrier Of Religion. But Goa Has Its Special Charm On Christmas. Goa Has Its Unique And Specific Ways For Celebrating Christmas Than Anywhere Else In India. Being Predominated Mainly By The Christians, Goa, During This Time Comes Alive In A Kaleidoscope Of Colors And Revelry. In Goa Christmas Is Celebrated By Every Section Of The Society. During Christmas In Goa, All The Streets Are Lit Up And Market Places Are All Decorated With Tinsel And Buntings. The Christmas Tree Shines And Glitters In Every Corner Of The Streets And Inside The Houses. All The Houses And Churches In Goa Are Brightly Lit Up And Decorated. Christmas Eve Is A Beautiful Harmonious And Melodious Celebration Which Fill Up The Pleasant Ambiance Of Goa Bringing Up The Festive Mood. The Aroma Of Baked Cakes And Songs Of Church Bells Fills Up The Air That Adds On To The Goa Christmas Celebration. Christmas Is Celebrated All Over The Globe On 25th December But In Goa It Is Celebrated For The Whole Week On To The Beauty Of Goa.

Christmas In Goa

Location- 👇

  • Goa, India

Date Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • 25th December

Best Attraction- 👀

  • Christmas Trees
  • Decorated Churches
  • Parties
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Enthusiasm


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