Kerala Has Been Always The Land Of Festivals And Culture. Kottiyoor Utsavam Is One Of Them Also Known As Kunbh Of South India. Kottiyoor Is A Very Old And Hindu Pilgrim Center Which Is Purely Dedicated To Lord Shiva And Goddess Parvathi, In The Auspicious Kannur District, Of Kerala. This Beautiful Temple Is Located On The Attractive Sahya Hill Range Valley And Has Abundant Natural Beauty And Attractiveness. The River Bovali Is Considered To Have Medicinal Water Which Has The Capability Of Healing Powers. The Vysakha Kottiyoor Mahotsavam Festival Is Held In The Months Of May To June Of Every Year. The 28 Days Carnival Observes The Neyyattam Ceremonial And Also Includes The Thrikkalashattu Which Is Concluding Event. The Kottiyoor Utsavam Engages Two Of The Famous Temples Which Are Situated On The Opposite Banks Of The Bovali River Which Akkare Kottiyoor And Ikkare Kottiyoor. The Beautiful Temple Is Located At The Height Of Of 3000 To 5000 Feet Of The Waynad Grounds. This Festival Marks The Presence Of All Categories Of The Society But They Do Not Mix Simultaneously. Firstly The Nairs Proceed For Few Days Then Tiyans And Then So On. The Very Beautiful And Auspicious Festival Marks The Real Presence Of God On Earth.

Kottiyoor Utsavam Of Kerala

Location- 👇

  • Kottiyoor, Kannur, Kerala

Dates Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • 6th June 2017 To 2nd July 2017

Best Attraction- 👀

  • The Bunyan Tree
  • Ikkare Kottiyoor Temple
  • Akkare Kottiyoor Temple
  • The Temple Bridge
  • Bamboo Flowers


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