Bohag Bihu Is Very Known As Rongali Bihu Or Haat Bihu. Bohag Bihu Is A Very Famous Assam Festival. Bohag Bihu, Marks On The Onset Or The Beginning Of The Assamese New Year. Bohag Bihu Certainly Falls On 13th April Of Every Year Which Signifies The Time Of Harvest. Bohag Bihu Has Played A Very Regardless Unifying Background For Connecting The Assam Population Despite Of Its Diversities. Bohag Bihu Is 7 Days Celebration After Vishuva Sankranti Which Falls In The Month Of Vaishakh. The Month Of Vaishakh Is Locally Termed As Bohag. There Are Three Primary Types Of Bihu Which Are Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu And Bhogali Bihu. These Three Bihu Festival Recognizes The Different Architectural Cycle Of The Paddy Corp. Amongst The Three Rongali Bihu There Are Seven Pinnacle Phases Namely Chot, Raati, Goru, Manush, Kutum, Mela And Chera. The Bihu Week Is A Typical Presentation Of The Traditional Celebration And Communal Brotherhood Festival.

Bohag Bihu Or Rongali Bihu In Assam

Location- 👇

  • Assam, India

Date Of Festival Celebration- 📅

  • Beginning Of Assamese New Year
  • Usually 13th April Of Every Year

Best Attraction- 👀

  • Assamese Dance
  • Assamese Folk Music
  • Enthusiasm

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