India Is Famous For Its Largest Hindu Temples, Amazing Churches, Jain Temples, Mosques And Grand Gurudwaras. The Literal Meaning Of The Gurudwara Is "The Doorway To The Guru". Gurudwara Is The Place Of Worship Of Sikh Community. The Gurudwara Is Referred As Sikh Temple. India Serves As The Very Diverse Nation And Has Many Gurudwaras Around The Country. Gurudwaras Serves Respectively In Peace, Congruity And Shared Appreciation For Their Particular Religions. Here Is The List Of Most Famous Gurudwaras In India.......

Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
Golden Temple

Most Famous Gurudwaras In India

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Golden Temple
  1. Gurudwara Hari Mandir Sahib, PunjabGurudwara Harmandir Sahib Is Also Known As Golden Temple Because This Temple Is Covered With Gold. Harmandir Sahib, The Most Well-Known Gurdwara Of India Located In The City Of Amritsar Of Punjab. Amritsar Sahar Was Named After The Water Tank Made Here, Which Was Excavated By Guru Ramdas Ji, The Fourth Guru Of The Sikhs, By Amar Das Ji Inspiration, The Third Guru Of The Sikhs. Amritsar Means Tank Of Nectar. Later, Guru Arjan Singh, The 5th Guru Of The Sikhs, Established Gurdwara Harmandir Sahib Under His Supervision.
  2. Takht Sri Patna Sahib, BiharTakht Sri Patna Sahib Also Known As Harmandar Sahib, Is A Gurdwara In The Neighborhood Of Patna Sahib, India. It Was To Commemorate The Birthplace Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, The Tenth Guru Of The Sikhs On 22 December 1666. It Was Built By Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1780-1839), The First Maharaja Of The Sikh Empire, Who Also Built Many Other Gurdwara's In The Indian Subcontinent. The Current Shrine Of Patna Sahib Or Takht Sri Harmandirji Saheb Was Built In The 1950
  3. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, New DelhiBuilt Up Of Sikh Architecture Near Cannaught Palace, New Delhi Is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. One Of The Most Prominent Gurudwara Built Up In Association With Eighth Sikh Guru, Guru Harkishan. The Holy Pool Inside The Complex Is Known As The Sarovar.
  4. Takhat Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib Gurudwara, Maharashtra (Hazur Sahib Nanded)- Hazur Sahib Is Also Known As Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib And Abchal Nagar, Which Is One Of The Five Takhts (Thrones, Seat Of Temporal Authority) In Sikhism. The Complex With In The Complex Is Known As Sach-Khand (Realm Of Truth).
  5. Gurudwara Shri Narayan Hari, Himachal PradeshSaint Shri Narayan Hari Came To Kullu In 1940 From His Native Place Kamalpur (Pakistan) And Settled In Manikaran. Initially There Was Nothing Except Two Hot Water Springs. He Worked On The Gurudwara Building And The 50 Years Long Service Bore Fruit In The Shape Of Present Gurudwara.
  6. Gurudwara Sri Paonta Sahib, Himachal PradeshGurdwara Paonta Sahib Is Situated In The City Of The Same Name Which Grew Up Around Paonta Sahib. It Is Part Of The District Of Sirmour, In The State Of Himachal Pradesh, India. Gurdwara Paonta Sahib Is Situated At The Place Where 16 Year Old Guru Gobind Singh Dismounted His Horse To First Touch Foot In The Kingdom Of Sirmour. The Guru Had Been Invited By Raja Medini Prakash The Ruler Of Sirmour To Visit His Kingdom.
  7. Alamgir, LudhianaGurdwara Manji Sahib (Also Known As Alamgir Sahib) Is Located Near The Village Of Alamgir, Ludhiana District, Punjab, India. Guru Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru Of The Sikhs, Stayed Here For A Short While. Upon Reaching Alamgir, Guru Gobind Singh Is Reported To Have Shot An Arrow Into The Ground; A Spring Appeared From That Place (Now Known As Tirsar). He Was Also Presented With A Horse Here By A Devoted Follower.
  8. Gurudwara Rewalsar, Himachal PradeshGurdwara Rawalsar Sahib Is Located High On The Hillside Above The Lake Known As Rawalsar And The Town That Has Grown Up Around Its Shores. Rawalsar Is A Town In The Mandi, Himachal. Guru Gobind Singh Visited The Site Once On The Occasion Of Baisakhi To Meet With Raja Siddh Sen Of Mandi And Some Other Local Hill Chiefs To Discuss Their Troubles With Aurangzeb. The Guru Stayed At Rawalsar For A Month.
  9. Gurudwara Pathar SahibGurdwara Pathar Sahib, Is A Beautiful Gurudwara Sahib Constructed In The Memory Of Guru Nanak, About 25 Miles Away From Leh, On The Leh-Kargil Road. During His Lifetime Guru Nanak Travelled To Many Distant Places And One Such Place Was Tibet. Guru Nanak Is Well Respected By Tibetan Buddhists Who Consider Him A Saint; The Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader Of Buddhists In Tibet, Has Confirmed This In His Discussions With Some Sikh Leaders Saying That Tibetans Revere Guru Nanak As A Buddhist Saint Under The Name Of Guru Gompka Maharaj.
  10. Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib, DelhiThe Gurudwara Was Built In 1930. The Trunk Of The Tree Under Which The Guru Was Beheaded Is Still Preserved And Also The Well In Which The Guru Used To Take Bath When He Was In The Prison. Adjoining The Gurudwara (Police Station) Where Guru Was Imprisoned And His Disciples Were Tortured. The Gurudwara Was Built By The Sikh Military Leader 'Baghel Singh'.
  11. Sri Baba Almast Ji Sahib Gurudwara, NanakmattaHistorical Panja Sahib (The Historical Pipal Tree) Is Situated In The Main Gurudwara Campus Between The Main Gurudwara And The Gurudwara Sixth Patshahi. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Reached This Place And Sat For Meditation Under A Dry Pipal Tree, Which Becomes Green Due To The Holy Sangat Of Guru Ji.
  12. Bhai Dharam Singh Gurudwara, HastinapurIt Is A Beautiful Gurudwara Located In Saifpur Village 2.5 Km Away From Hastinapur. This Gurudwara Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Holiest Pilgrimage Centers Of The Sikh Community. It Was Established By Bhai Dharam Singh In His Native Village Saifpur. Bhai Dharam Singh Was One Among The Panj Pyaare, Who Were Instructed By Guru Gobind Singh At Anantpur Sahib For Forming The Nucleus Of Khalsa.
  13. Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanakji, KasauliThe Gurudwara- Sikh Shrine Dedicated To First Sikh Guru- Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This Historical Sikh Gurudwara Is Located In Gharkhal Bazaar On The Main Road Towards Kasauli A Popular Shrine. There Are No Idols, Statues In The Shrine; There Is Only The Holy Book-The Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  14. Bibeksar Sahib, AmritsarBibeksar Sarovar Is Located To South Of The Most Important Landmark For The Sikhs, Harimandir Sahib In The City Of Amritsar. Gurdwara Bibeksar Sahib Is Situated On The Bank Of The Bibeksar Sarovar.
  15. Dera Baba Banda, Vaishno DeviDera Baba Banda Is A Religious Gurudwara Located On The Banks Of Chenab River About 75 Km Away From The Jammu City. The Monastery Is 300 Years Old And Houses The Ashes Of The Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. Baba Banda Was The Commanding Soldier Of The Guru Gobind Singh’s Army. He Was Rewarded With A Bow, An Arrow And A Sword By Guru Sahib.
  16. Singh Sabha Gurudwara, PushkarGurdwara Singh Sabha - Pushkar Or Pushkar Raj, A Temple Town Around A Natural Lake, Is 13 Kilometres From Ajmer, To Which It Is Connected By Road. Pushkar Was Visited By Guru Nanak Dev And Guru Gobind Singh. The Shrine Commemorating The Former Guru's Visit Was Formerly Called Guru Nanak Dharmasala But Is Now Known As Gurdwara Singh Sabha And Functions As A Branch Of Sri Guru Singh Sabha Ajmer.
  17. Ram Rai Gurudwara, DehradunDarbar Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji Maharaj Situated In The Heart Of Dehradun City Is A Magnificent Monument Of Great Historical And Religious Significance. In Fact, The City Of Dehradun Itself Derives Its Name From The Historical Fact That Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji, The Eldest Son Of The Seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai Ji, Set Up His "Dera" (Camp) In "Dun" (Valley) In 1676. This 'Dera' 'Dun' Later On Became Dehradun.
  18. Baoli Sahib, Nanakmatta
  19. Gurudwara Nada Sahib, PanchkulaGurudwar Shri Nada Sahib Situated On The Bank Of Ghaghar River In Panchkula Distt. In Haryana State. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Along With His Army On The Way To Shri Anandpur Sahib, After Victory In Battle Of Bhangani Visited Gurudwar Shri Baoli Sahib Dhakoli. After That Stayed At This Place For Few Days Guru Sahib Came Here To This Place. A Man From Lobana Caste Nadhu Shah ServedShri Guru Gobind Singh Ji And His Army With Great Dedication Resulting Guru Sahib Blessed Him With That This Place Would Be Called On His Name.
  20. Manikaran Gurudwara, KasolDuring Third Udasi, The Founder Of Sikhism Guru Nanak Came To This Place With His Disciple Bhai Mardana. Mardana Felt Hungry And They Had No Food. Guru Nanak Sent Mardana To Collect Food For The Langar (The Community Kitchen). Many People Donated Atta (Flour) To Make Roti (Bread). The One Problem Was That There Was No Fire To Cook The Food. Guru Nanak Asked Mardana To Lift A Stone And He Complied And A Hot Spring Appeared. As Directed By Guru Nanak, Mardana Put The Rolled Chapatis In The Spring To His Despair The Chapatis Sank. Guru Nanak Then Told Him To Pray To God Saying That If His Chapatis Float Back Then He Would Donate One Chapati In His Name. When He Prayed All The Chapatis Started Floating Duly Baked. Guru Nanak Said That Anyone Who Donates In The Name Of God, His Drowned Items Float Back.
  21. Nanakmatta Gurudwara, NanakmattaNanakmatta Is A Historical Town Named After The Sikh Pilgrimage Site, Gurdwara Nanak Mata Sahib, In The State Of Uttarakhand. The Town Is Associated With Guru Nanak Dev And Guru Hargobind. It Is Situated On The Bank Of Deoha Stream, Which Has Since Been Dammed Into A Reservoir Named Nanak Sagar.
  22. Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib, Uttarakhand
  23. Gurudwara Dera Baba Bharbhag, Himachal PradeshDera Baba Vadbhag Singh Gurudwara Is Holy Shrine Of Dera Baba Vadbhag Singh. It Is Located In Mairi Village Near Abm Andaura Railway Station (11 Km) Of Una District In Himachal Pradesh, India.
  24. Gurudwara Bhangani Sahib, Himachal PradeshGurudwara Bhangani Sahib, Paonta Sahib Is Associated With The Battle Of Bhangani, The Gurudwara Is Seen As The Symbol Of Victory In The War Against Raja Bhim Chand. This Was The Place Where Guru Gobind Singh Ji Fought His First Battle At The Age Of 22 Against Raja Bhim Chand.
  25. Gurudwara Nadaun, Himachal PradeshNadaun Is In The Kangra District Of Himachal Pradesh. Here A Holy Shrine Stands In Memory Of Guru Gobind Singh Who Fought A Pitched Battle, The Battle Of Nadaun, In Support Of Raja Bhim Chand Of Kahlur And Some Other Hill Chiefs Against The Mughal General Alif Khan.
  26. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib- Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Situated At Anandpur Sahib, Is One Of The Most Holy Places Of The Sikhs. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib Is The Birthplace Of The Khalsa. The Order Of The Khalsa Was Founded Here By Sri Guru Gobind Singh In 1699.
  27. Gurudwara Baba Atal Sahib, PunjabBaba Atal Rai Was Born In Samvat 1676 At Amritsar To Guru Hargobind Sahib, The Sixth Sikh Guru And Mata Mahadevi, Daughter Of Bhai Daya Ram Marwah Of Mandeala. From Early Age He Was Intelligent, Lively And A Deeply Religious Boy. He Was Called 'Baba' Because He Carried A Wise Head Over His Young Shoulders.
  28. Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, PunjabThe Takht Sri Darbar Sahib Damdama Sahib, One Of The Five Takhts Or Seat Of Temporal Authority Of Sikhism, Takht Sri Damdama Sahib Is In Bathinda In Punjab, India And Is The Place Where Guru Gobind Singh, The Tenth Sikh Guru, Prepared The Full Version Of The Sikh Scriptures Called Sri Guru Granth Sahib In 1705. The Other Four Takhts Are The Akal Takht, Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Takht Sri Patna Sahib And Takht Sri Hazur Sahib.
  29. Gurudwara Mattan Sahib, Jammu And KashmirThe Gurdwara At Mattan Is Where Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Spoke With Pandit Brahm Das Who On Hearing Guru Nanak's Thoughts Decided To Follow The Guru's Path.
  30. Gurudwara Chhevin Patshahi Thara Sahib, Jammu And KashmirSinghpura Is A Village Near Baramula Which Guru Har Gobind Visited During His Stay At The Latter Place. The Shrine Commemorating The Guru's Visit Is Called Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi, Thara Sahib.
  31. Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib, KarnatakaGuru Nanak Jhira Sahib Is A Sikh Historical Shrine Situated In Bidar, Karnataka. Gurdwara Nanak Jhira Sahib Was Built In The Year 1948 And Is Dedicated To The First Sikh Guru Guru Nanak.
  32. Gurudwara Paur Sahib, Himachal PradeshGurudwara Shri Paur Sahib Is Situated In The Village Basantpur, Distt Billaspur Of Himachal Pardesh. Its Situated On The Border Of Himachal Pradesh Only 12 Km From Shri Anandpur Sahib. A Spring Of Salted Water Came When Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Horse Touched A Stone With His Hoof.
  33. Gurudwara Shergarh Sahib, Himachal PradeshGurdwara Shergarh Is Located In Nihalgarh Near Panta Sahib In Distt Sirmaur, Himanchal Pardesh.
  34. Gurudwara Majnu Ka Tila, DelhiGurdwara Majnu-Ka-Tilla Is Situated On The Right Bank Of River Yamuna, Opposite Timarpur Colony Beyond The Khyber Pass Section Of Delhi, India. The Birthday Of The Khalsa Is Celebrated Here With Much Festivity On Baisakhi Day.
  35. Gurudwara Sehra Sahib, PunjabGurudwara Shri Sehra Sahib Is Situated In The Village Basantpur Of Billaspur Distt Of Himachal Pradesh. Its Situated On The Border Of Himachal Pradesh Only 12 Km From Shri Anandpur Sahib. When Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Came For His Marriage Along With Barat, He Was Welcomed Here. Guru Sahib Came Here With Sehras. At The Time Of Marriage Guru Sahibs Age Was Only 11 Yrs.


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