Odisha Is The Place Which Has Embellished With Numerous Temple Shrine. Odisha Has A Temple Culture Which Is Most Prevailing Feature Attracting The Visitors Entering This Holy State. Odisha Is The Most Prominent Destination Which Is Rich In The Matter Of Splendid Temples With There Breath Taking Sculptures, Art And Architecture. Here Is The List Of Most Famous Temples Of Odisha.....

Most Famous Temples Of Odisha

  • Jagannath Temple, Puri- Jagannath Temple Is One The Char Dham Of India. This Temple Is Located In Puri And Dedicated To Lord Vishnu's Form Shri Jagannath. Annual Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) Is Performed Every Year With Great Enthusiasm Here.
  • Konark Sun Temple, Konark- Konark Surya Mandir Dedicated To Lord Sun (Surya Dev) Constructed By King Narsimhadeva In Konark At Coastline In 13th Century.
  • Lingaraja Temple- Lingaraja Temple Is Dedicated To Lord Shiva And An Important Landmark Of Bhubaneswara And One Of The Major Tourist Place.
  • Brahmeswara Temple- Brahmeshwara Temple Is Shiva Temple Of Bhubaneshwar Constructed In 9th Century By Kolavati Devi, Mother Of Somavamsi King Udyotakesari.
  • Mukteswar Temple- Mukteswar Temple Is One Of The Oldest Shiva Temple Of Bhubaneshwar.
  • Parasurameswara Temple- Parasurameswara Temple Is Located In Bhubaneswar, Dedicated To Lord Shiva.
  • Rajarani Temple- Rajarani Temple Is Located In Bhubaneshwar Of Odisha. This Temple Is Also Known As Indereswara And Love Temple For Unique Erotic Carvings In The Temple.
  • Gundicha Temple- Gudicha Temple Is Situated In Puri And Known As The Destination Of The Annual Rath Yatra Of Puri. This Temple Is Also Dedicated To Krishna, Balrama (Balbhadra) And Subhadra.
  • Baitala Deula Temple- Baitala Deula Temple Is Dedicated To Goddess Chamunda Located In Bhubaneshwar. 
  • Vimala Temple, Puri- Vimala Or Bimala Temple Is Located Inside The Jagannath Temple In Puri. Vimala Devi Temple Is Considered As One Of 52 Shaktipeethas. Devotees Pay Respect To Vimala Before Worshipping Jagannath In The Main Temple.
  • Ambika Temple, Devakunda, Odisha- Ambika Temple Is Located Adjacent To Waterfall Near Natural Pond Devakunda In Mayurbhanj District Of Odisha.
  • Kapilasa Mahadev Temple, Dhenkanal, Odisha- Kapilash Temple Is Also Known As Chandrashekhara Temple. This Temple Is Dedicated To Lord Shiva And Sage Kapila.
  • Tara Tarini Temple, Ganjam, Odisha- Taratarini Temple Is One Of The Major Shaktipeeth Among Kamakhya (Guwahati), Taratarini (Brahmapur), Bimala Inside Jagannath Temple (Puri), Dakshina Alika (Kolkata). Taratarini Is Also Known As Sthana Peetha As This Place Is Also Know As Breast Shrine.
  • Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatagaon, Keonjhar, Odisha- Maa Tarini Temple Is A Famous Temple Of Tarini Mata. Tarini Mata Is Worshipped As Goddess Of Forest. A Story Is Very Popular About Tarini Mata Temple. It Is Said That King Kendujhar Was Bringing Tarini Mata To Kendujhar From Puri With A Condition That He Will Turn Back In The Way Otherwise She Will Not Move Further. Goddess Was Following The King To Kendujhar But Near Ghatagaon In The Deep Forest King Became Confused With The Sound Of Goddess And Looked Back But Mata Tarini Was Coming. Due To The Mud Of Forest Her Sound Was Not Coming So Mata Tarini Stayed There.
  • Ananta Vasudeva Temple- Ananta Vasudeva Temple Is Located In Bhubaneswar Of Odisha, Dedicated To Lord Krishna (An Avatar Of Lord Vishnu). Idols Of Krishna, Balrama And Shubhadra Are Worshiped Here In Complete Form. Krishna Holds A Mace, Chakra, Lotus And A Conch, Balram Stands Under A Seven Headed Serpant While Subhadra Holds A Jewel Pot And Lotus. In Form This Temple Resembles The Lingaraj Temple.
  • Mausima/Ardhasini Temple- This Temple Is Dedicated To Jagannath's Mother's Sister. This Temple Is Located On The Road Connecting Jagannath Temple To Gundicha Temple In Puri Of Odisha.


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