The State Of Goa In India Has Always Been Popular For Its Beach And Places Of Worship And Also Tourism. Goa Is Not Only Famous For Its Beaches And Churches But Is Also Famous For Its Differently Built Up Architectural Temples. Goa Is A State Was Hopeful That Changes Could Be Made Made Which Would Attract A More Upscale Demographic. Around 70% Of The Population In Goa Is Of Hindu. Hinduism Has Its Own Flavor And Share Most Rituals With Their Hindu Counterparts In The Rest Of The India. Here Is The List Of Most Famous Temples Of Goa.....

Most Famous Temples Of Goa

  1. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple, Goa- Saptakoteshwar Temple At Narve, Goa, India Is Considered To Be One Of The Six Great Sites Of Temples Of Lord Shiva In The Konkan Area.
  2. Mahalaxmi Temple, Goa- Shri Mahalaxmi Temple Is Situated At Bandora Which Is 4 KMs. From Ponda. Shri Mahalaxmi Is The Presiding Deity And It Is Considered The Abode Of The Original Goddess Of The Shakti Cult.
  3. Shri Damodar Temple, Goa- Shri Damodar Temple Is One Of The Most Beautiful And Famous Architecture Constructions In Goa. It Stands On The Bank Of Kushawati River Near The Zambaulim.
  4. Shri Shantadurga Temple, Goa- Shree Shantadurga Devi, Kavlem, Phonda, Goa. This Site Is Dedicated To Shree Shantadurga Devi. Situated 33 KMs From Panajim, Shree Shantadurga Temple Has An Impressive Idol Of Goddess Shreedurga Who Mediated Between Shree Vishnu And Shree Shiva And Stopped The Fiercefull War Going On Between The Two.
  5. Mahalasa Temple, Goa- The Most Popular Temple Of Supreme Mother Mahalasa Is At Mardol In Goa, Which Is Over 450 Years Old. ‘Mahalasa’ Is Another Name For The Supreme Lord Vishnu’s Famous Avatar (Incarnation): Mohini, The Enchantress.
  6. Maruti Temple, Goa- The Maruti Temple Is Situated On Top Of Of The Altinho Hillock Overlooking The Fontainhas District In Panaji, The Capital Of Goa. It Is Dedicated To Lord Hanuman, The Monkey God And Enshrines Lord.
  7. Mahadeva Temple, Goa- Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla Is A 12th-Century Shaivite Temple Of The Lord Mahadeva And An Active Place Of Hindu Worship. It Is Notable As The Oldest Temple In Goa, India.
  8. Mangeshi Temple, Goa- Shri Mangesh Temple Is Located At Mangeshi Village In Priol, Ponda Taluk,Goa.
  9. Brahma Temple, Goa- Brahma Temple Is Dedicated To Brahma And Is Located In Carambolim, In Goa, India. This Temple Is Located 7 Kilometres Valpoi In The Satari District Of Goa.
  10. Shri Kamakshi Temple, Goa- The Kamakshi Temple Is Dedicated To Kamakshi Or Goddess Kamakhya, Originally A Deity From Guwahati, Assam. She Is Also Known As Parvati Or Consort Of Lord Shiva And Is Known As Shantadurga Or Goddess Of Peace. The Temple Is Quite Impressive And Is Located In Shiroda
  11. Laxmi Narasimha Temple, Goa- Lakshminarasimha Temple Is Located In Veling, Which Is About 6 Km Southwest Of Mardol In Ponda Region. This Temple Is Dedicated To Lord Vishnu And His Consort Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Narasimha Is The Fourth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu Which Is Half Lion And Half Man.
  12. Shri Ramnath Temple, Goa- The Temple Of Ramnathi Is Located In Ramnathim, Bandivade In Goa. This Temple Belongs To The Gowda Saraswat Brahmins Community
  13. Shri Rudreshwar Temple, Goa- The Temple Of Rudreshwar Which Is Half A Km Away From The Arvalem Caves Where The Ancient Linga Of Rudreshwar Is Venerated Is Located In The Bicholim Taluka At A Distance Of 45 KMs From Panaji. The Shree Rudreshwar Temple Is Newly Built On The Site Of An Age Old Ancient Site And Is Also Known As The Temple Of Lord Shiva. 
  14. Shri Bhagavati Temple, Goa- Shri Bhagavati Temple Dedicated To Goddess Bhagavati Is An Ancient Temple Located In The Pernem Taluka Of North Goa At About 28 KMs From Panaji
  15. Lairai Devi Temple, Goa- Shirgao Is The Holy Place Of Goddess Lairai Devi, Its Very Old And Famous Temple. The Annual Festival Associated With This Shrine Features Unusual Customs And Rituals.


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